Sunday, January 17, 2010

Valentine Caper

Saturday Mommy and I got Mama Brandy out of the house for the first time since she got sick (Hospitals dont count, neither do rides in those big cars with the flashing lights with the nice men and women who poke her and take care of her) We took her to the pharmacy, the office supply store and while we were waiting for a prescription we went to Rams Horn, Boo I had to do an under. At the drug store Mommy found cute bobbles with the words love on them and Mama Brandy snapped a picture. I think she is getting back to her old self.
I am getting dressed up a lot! Lot of tee shirts. Mommy keeps calling me "Flash Dance Caper" I dont know what that means. Its something from the 80's, I also dont know what that means, when I looked at her like I dont know what that means she told me to go to my room. lol.