Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Visiting Jane

Today Mommy, Mama B and me went to visit Miss Jane in the hospital. She had another accident so I went to cheer her up! Mommy and Mama Brandy took her a couple pieces of candy, some photographs of me and my friends, and a couple ornaments for her Christmas tree, oh and a bracelet. I gave her lots of snuggles. I got a great surprise! Aussie came too! I haven’t seen Aussie girl since last summer @ Wheelchair Daze! This year only her little brother Mac and Mac's girlfriend Bree came, everyone else was busy! I was pretty good but I kind of barked a little bit when I first saw Ukon and Aussie. *Hangs head* I know I am not supposed to bark but I cant help myself. Mommy says we need to work on that before my re-certification in May. I want to make Mommy and my foster Mamas, Sara & Becky proud. Hope you enjoy the photos from our visit!

Ukon looked great as usual.

Aussie was full of smiles!

I liked playing with Aussie again. I like her a lot.

Ukon and I got up and snuggled Miss Jane!

I liked Ukon's toy!

Ukon looked full of wisdom!

Ukon and I stole Aunt Jane's bed!

We were all full of smiles. This is the first time I have seen Aunt Jane since Wheelchair Daze last year!
Aussie stood so tall and proud!

Smiles and wiggles to you Aunt Jane! Get better soon!!!!!!! We love you!!!