Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sad News

This is my litter. Czar, Cecil, Cooley, Caper, Cadet, Cheeto, Crumpet& Capri

Me and My Mom


Mommy, Grandma and two other decendants I do not know

My four legged mommy, Jaimie, was pregnant again. She had to have a C-Section and lost 6 of the 10 puppies. That is so sad. I hope she, and my other brothers & sisters are going to be okay. Please say a prayer for them, so she can recover and the pups can grow up to be strong and healthy.

I am a happy boy

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Purdy Face!

My New Cousin

This is Ziggy. He is my new cousin. Aunt Sherri adopted him. I thought he was a toy! Mommy and mama Brandy went down to Warren to pick him up. I guess his Mommy, smokey, is pregnant again too! This time with Joey's babys (last time, Ziggys litter, is Ralph's babies)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter and the following Week

We had a pretty good Easter. Here I am looking super happy after I got a bone for being a good boy
The Easter Bunny brought me a lil pail with a bone, a greenie, and some doggy Candian bacon. YUM-O!

Easter Eggs! I wonder if they taste good?
Wednesday was my Grandmas birthday! Boy did she get a lot of cards!!! The whole island in the kitchen is filled with cards!!! Aunt Wendi, Clair and Emily and Brad made her cupcakes (again I did not get one! Why must they discriminate against us dogs, I am sure those cupcakes are very good because Emily had 2!) Grandpa got her an Ipod stero, Aunt Sherry got her a tomato plant holder, and Mommy, Mama B , Charlie and I got her cards (well we made her cards after Momma Brandy got out of the hospital.) Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Wendi, Uncle Allen, Brad, Clair and Emmie went out to dinner, but we stayed home so Mommy could work on a paper and Mama Brandy could rest :) They brought Mommy and Mama B dinner home. I think it was a very nice birthday party. Mama B was sad that she couldnt make and hang up banners, and that she had to last minute make cards from Her and Mommy, and one from Me and Charlie(literally last minute because she did that 5 minutes after it was offically Grammas birthday)....
After Easter however things were not so good. Mama Brandy had a medication reaction and on her way out the door to go to the hospital, she fell down the stairs and fractured her hip and bruised up her leg really badly. The doctor said they didnt have to operate, which I think is good but she is on something called crutches and she cant run around with me. This makes me sad. Mommy said that when she came home from the hospital without Brandy I slapped her (I SO DID NOT!, Charlie would have tho!) So for at least a few weeks she cant let me out or play with me when the weather is nice, but I do have my Uncle Allen at home a lot now and he loves to take me out with him. The doctors and the nurses at the hospital really liked me. A couple didnt even notice me. With permission from Mommy, I got lots of kisses and I gave lots of wiggles. I was even allowed to get up on the bed and give Mama Brandy give her wiggles and kisses. I was kinda scared to jump down tho, it was kind of high off the ground but it was worth it to give her a smile! Mommy explained to me that was a one time thing tho and she only said yes because Brandy wanted a kiss and wasnt allowed to get off the bed....
Mommy had her check up with one of her doctors last week and she is doing good :)
I got groomed last week too. They grinded my nails and I got a bath and a brush down. One of the pretty ladies clipped the fur between the pads on my feet. :)
Ok well I just got up to eat and since Mama Brandy was going online I thought I would update my blog before I go back to bed. Mommy and I have a long day today, gotta meet with a classmate, have class then have to go to Mama Brandy's school to turn in some of her work and pick up any homework since she needs to take it easy!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009